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The CBD Impact

If you’re interested in trying CBD, you’re in good company!  I’ve been researching CBD since on a family trip to Colorado and visiting 5 dispensaries shortly after medical marijuana was legalized.  It’s hard to know what are great CBD products in this oversaturated space.
If you have no idea what CBD is, well you’re in the right place too.  I had to understand the difference between CBD and THC in being able to move past the idea that medical marijuana is addictive and provides a high. CBD is a powerful plant-derived nutrient that nourishes the body with nutrients that impact an entire system of receptors in our bodies.  The reason CDB is taking the nutrition industry by storm is there is an entire network called the endocannabinoid system, which is similar to our immune or nervous systems and their interconnectivity.  This biological system is composed of neurotransmitters that bind to cannabinoid protein receptors throughout the central and peripheral nervous systems.  Cannabinoids are the active chemicals derived from medical marijuana that are involved with appetite, memory, movement, and pain.  Research is proving reduced anxiety, inflammation, and pain as the plant-derived CBD is consumed, with minimal side effects.
Many people are wanting to try a high quality CBD, but with many emerging companies it is easy to feel lost in the growing CBD market.  The process in which the cannabinoids are extracted from the plant is what makes the product high quality and absorbable.  The key to understanding CBD when purchasing it, is THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is a cannabinoid strain which is the principal psychoactive compound of marijuana, which will show up on a drug test, which is used in the medical marijuana products.  If you’re concerned about the consequences of a drug test showing positive for THC then it is best to ensure you’re purchasing a CBD without THC in it.  It is usually only in trace amounts, but has added potency in the CBD.  I don’t like making recommendations with THC because you should research it to make the definitive decision on whether you’re comfortable having that in your supplement or not.
Consuming CBD without any THC still has incredible benefits!  I for one, sleep like a baby!  I sleep deeper, longer, and wake more rested.  I also enjoy the stress reduction I feel when taking CBD.  The daily irritants and feeling of being “wound tight” both reduce greatly when consuming CBD oil.  Both of these are the top reasons I highly recommend CBD oil to anyone: to improve sleep and reduce stress, both factors that impact our vitality and perspective for life.  There are many other benefits of CBD oil like pain relief, weight loss support, improved digestion, and cancer risk lowering all from a naturally derived plant supplement.
Since my trip to Colorado, researching and trying many companies and products, the company I’m most excited to share with everyone is HempWorx.  I’ve tried other oils that were not palatable, had no noticeable impact, or were from  companies with poor standards.  HempWorx is the opposite: they’re a reputable company, offer several products and flavors, and have high quality standards that provide great consumer results.  If you’re interested in CBD, but don’t know where to start, order a FREE SAMPLE KIT today and try it yourself.
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What if Keto or Paleo Are NOT working for me?

What if Keto or Paleo Are NOT working for me?
This is a great question!  These emerging diets, which are based on getting your body into a state of Ketosis (fat-burning) or returning to the hunter-gatherer dishes, both are amazing diets.  These are great diets to follow as they eliminate processed foods, sugar, grains, and focus on high protein and vegetables.  When these are not working for you, it comes down to a digestive, hormone, or toxic issue in your body, or even all three together.  When your body is not able to adapt to something that seems to be working for everyone else, this is an indicator that your body needs special attention for something going on under the surface.
This is exactly what the iThrive Program focuses on: the Root Issues preventing your body functioning at its best.  These root issues include hormone imbalances, digestive issues, food sensitivities, toxicity, inflammation, and dehydration.  The iThrive Program focuses on unburdening your body with nutraceuticals and nutrient-dense powder supplements to reset your body, mind, and soul at your highest level of vitality!  You learn how to engage with your body, listen to the signals it’s sending you, relieve it of extra stress from processed foods, all while fueling it with the nutrients it craves.
Your body is a powerful machine and it will begin to restore its proper functionality of being able to lose weight, and keep it off.  All that you’ve been trying will begin to affect your body with more potency: the Keto or Paleo diet, exercise, etc. because the underlying issues were relieved.
We weren’t created just to survive… but to THRIVE!  
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How to Thrive During the Winter

If you live in a wintery state, with frigid temperatures and a number of gloomy days, it’s hard to enjoy these long months. One component to consider for Midwesterners is to implement a Vitamin D supplement during these months. Vitamin D deficiency is seen predominantly in Midwesterners due to the lack of exposure to the sunlight due to not enough sunlight or too cold of temperatures to expose skin to it. I highly recommend a high quality liquid formula to enhance your body’s ability to absorb it, which you can get HERE. Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin, meaning you need to ingest it in the presence of a healthy fat (think coconut oil, avocado, olive oil, wild-caught salmon, raw nuts, grass-fed beef or bison, cage-free eggs, etc.). This allows your body to utilize all nutrients instead of flushing it out of your body.

Another key component for healthy winter months is to establish a workout routine. Whether you start a gym membership, buy a new workout video or program, make sure you do something that makes you feel invigorated. Then the most important component of this is to COMMIT to it 3-5 times per week. Schedule this into your calendar, prepare the night before, and show up for it, even when you don’t feel like it. Chances are, if you’re anything like me, without this mental preparation, I have a tendency to find every excuse in the book to not show up for my workout. 1 day turns into 5 days, 1 week into 2 months, and pretty soon I feel lethargic and am not functioning at my best. Committing to my workout schedule sets me up to draw out my best for each day. This is my self-love. Making time to prioritize my health is what empowers me to give 150% in every other area of life by taking these 30-60 minutes first thing in the morning. What are you going to commit to?

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Are You Thriving?

Thrive: to prosper, be fortunate, or successful. To grow or develop vigorously; flourish.

Sometimes the simplest question can unlock our minds from the daily grind to focus on what life has been lately, and where your heart really is in the midst of it all. Can you stop for a moment and assess if you’re thriving in all aspects of your life?

If not, why?

Perhaps you’re obsessing over a certain area of your life: work, play, stress, family, finances, etc. Maybe you’re giving it your all and just not feeling like it’s making a difference, like drowning in a sea of overwhelming on every side.

Truth is: you’re blessed right where you’re at. Sometimes it’s those simple reminders when I’m throwing myself a pity-party of “life sucks and it’ll never change!” Then I start reminding myself- my house I rent hasn’t flooded, it’s not lit on fire, and I’m not having to flee for my life from hurricanes, mud slides, or famine. All of a sudden, I’m REAL thankful for all that I have and begin to appreciate the beauty in the small things in all areas of my life. This is when I begin to thrive as I’m focusing on the good, the special, the unique things that brighten my day.

So here it is- here’s your chance to transform your life by renewing your mind.

YOU are an irreplaceable voice, heartbeat, and smile this world needs to hear from. YOU are more than your mind let’s you believe you are. YOU are more than the doubts that try to bring you down everyday. YOU ARE A FIGHTER… & YOU ARE WORTH THE FIGHT!

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What if I’m not thriving?

Can we be honest? Life is not all peaches n cream everyday. We’re adulting with broken pasts hoping for a better day.

How can we transform your mind to begin to look at life with a new zest, new perspective to see all that you have? Sometimes it’s actually your brain chemistry that’s imbalanced, causing the way you interpret and receive all that’s stirring in your world to look a bit more gray than it really is.

There is an answer: with the recommendations of a good book: The Mood Cure