Life is moving fast and you’re giving it your all!  Do you find yourself having emotional bursts: anger, tears, rage, etc. from a small disruption in your day?  Do you just feel wound tight with stress pushing in on you from every angle? These are not normal feelings, nor should anyone have to live life […]

If you’re interested in trying CBD, you’re in good company!  I’ve been researching CBD since on a family trip to Colorado and visiting 5 dispensaries shortly after medical marijuana was legalized.  It’s hard to know what are great CBD products in this oversaturated space. If you have no idea what CBD is, well you’re in […]

What if Keto or Paleo Are NOT working for me? This is a great question!  These emerging diets, which are based on getting your body into a state of Ketosis (fat-burning) or returning to the hunter-gatherer dishes, both are amazing diets.  These are great diets to follow as they eliminate processed foods, sugar, grains, and […]

If you live in a wintery state, with frigid temperatures and a number of gloomy days, it’s hard to enjoy these long months. One component to consider for Midwesterners is to implement a Vitamin D supplement during these months. Vitamin D deficiency is seen predominantly in Midwesterners due to the lack of exposure to the […]

Thrive: to prosper, be fortunate, or successful. To grow or develop vigorously; flourish. Sometimes the simplest question can unlock our minds from the daily grind to focus on what life has been lately, and where your heart really is in the midst of it all. Can you stop for a moment and assess if you’re […]

Can we be honest? Life is not all peaches n cream everyday. We’re adulting with broken pasts hoping for a better day. How can we transform your mind to begin to look at life with a new zest, new perspective to see all that you have? Sometimes it’s actually your brain chemistry that’s imbalanced, causing […]